Traveling To Singapore

If there is one word that best captures Singapore, it is “unique”. A dynamic city rich in contrast and color, you’ll find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture here. Brimming with unbridled energy, this little dynamo in Southeast Asia embodies the finest of both East and West. The Muslim centre of Singapore is a traditional textile district, full of batiks from Indonesia, silks, sarongs and shirts. Add to this mix rosaries, flower essences, hajj caps, songkok hats, basket ware and rattan goods, and you have a fair idea of the products haggled over in this part of the city.

The grand Sultan Mosque is the biggest and liveliest mosque in Singapore, but the tiny Malabar Muslim Jama-at Mosque is the most beautiful. There’s fine Indian Muslim food along nearby North Bridge Rd and the food stalls on Bussorah St are especially atmospheric at dusk during Ramadan.

Orchard Road
For shopping, Orchard Road is the ideal place to spend a day there. The bustling shopping centre sells everything from the most fashionable and outrageous shoes and clothes to precious gems, eye wear and accessories. And when the shopping gets a little exhausting, revitalize yourself at one of the many restaurants and eating outlets.

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